Student Poetry

1. River

It flows with beauty
The bright sun shines upon it
Fish swimming through you                 4th grade

2. Brightness

Brightness lights the day
Makes flowers bloom with color
Brings back leaves in spring                 4th grade

3. Sky

Your clouds are white
Planes zoom though you everyday
You’re pretty and blue                           4th grade

4. Phoenix

Soaring near the sun
Flying through the big blue sky
Landing in a tree                                    3rd grade

6. Mountain

Big and huge and steep
Covering the house with shade
Mountains are so huge                          4th grade

7. Moon

Gleaming near the stars
Reflecting on the water
In the night you glow                         4th grade

8. Phoenix

Flying through the sky
Erring the trees with fire
Skimming the water                           4th grade

9. River

The river flows slow
Soothing sound of the river
Respect the river                                 4th grade

10. Phoenix

This is a great bird
It can soar like a frisbee
Phoenixes are hot                               4th grade

11. Wood

Woods are a dark place
Everyday trees have bark
It has leaves and holes                        2nd grade

12. River

Fish, Crab, Snakes, Bees, too
You can camp and explore
Water shines brightly                           2nd grade

13. Phoenix

The bird’s made of fire
It flies in the still moonlight
It will never die                                    2nd grade

14. Woods

Not just brown and green
The woods have many colors
Like a crayon box                                 2nd grade

15. Sun

Sun can keep you warm
It can make light for you
Sun is really bright                               2nd grade

16. Woods

Baby deer in spring
A baby bear with his mom
The woods are active                            2nd grade

17. Woods

The long trails are dark
The trees wave in the hot sun
At night all is still                                  2nd grade

18. Sun

The sun is so bright
It shines all through the daylight
It is very important                                2nd grade

19. River

It flows with beauty
The bright sun shines upon it
Fish swimming through you                 4th grade

20. Snake

Snakes kill their prey with a strong and mortal blow
Solemnly they eat                                    6th grade

21. Home

A home has joy in it
A home has happiness all over
You must always love your home
Your home is a place where you live
That’s a true home                                  6th grade

22. Cow

I don’t know why or how
God decided to make the cow
With its belly oh so white and
A brain that’s not so bright                   6th grade

23. Dragon

You are scaly and scary
All knowing eyes
Slimy snake tongue
Long sharp claws
Whipping tail
Long skinny neck fire breathing
You are scaly and scary                          6th grade

24. Fish

You are a bright fish
You are a beautiful fishy
You are yellow and blue
Splashing and swimming
You dart around the blue sea
A school of fish
Happy emotions
Peaceful serenity, calm
You make us smile                                 6th grade

25. Moon

Gray and white long hair
Piercing glowing eyes
Long ears, sharp teeth, silent trot
Brave, fierce, worm, loving, predator, hunter
Hawk at the bright moon
Scary, sleek, quiet
Cautious, amazing
Walks through the dark night
So bright in my eyes
glowing like thousands of stars
Brings shine in the world                     6th grade

26. Dog

Dog thought poem
A whistle I hear
I run to you
Yippee, Yippee
I got a “Good boy”
Now, Where’s my treat!!!                      6th grade

27. Forest

Woods are dark and cool at night
Birds can have a nice flight
Woods, Woods
All kinds of woods                                  6th grade

28. Cliff

Diving off a cliff
rock climbing up asleep cliff
Incredible views                                       6th grade

29. Moon

Wolf moon on snow
Your blue shadows
Touch my cold feet                                 6th grade

30. Heart

Oh heart
You are so smart heart
You keeps me running all day
You pump blood to the parts of my body that need it
Oh heart
You are so loving Oh heart you are caring
You are so daring
Oh heart you are so brave
Thanks for being there when I need you          6th grade

31. Running in a sprint, around and around
Shifting the pure white wispy edges
Merging into something more
Slow in turn yet still moving around
and around.
Blowing the sweet kiss against all
Moving everything in it’s path
Crisp touch, cold against the skin
Sweet tenderness with every
blow.                      9th grade

32. Winter, Spring in Vermont
Winter, Spring, Vermont.
Cold winds meet warm sun.
The trees, the grass, the ice, the snow,
the singing birds.
Civilization, nature, such harmony                     9th grade

33. Trees bare from the harshness of winter.
Clouds rapidly pass the mountain tops.
Pine trees still in the breeze
Except for one that sways with the wind.                      9th grade

34. Green grass and little snow leaves scattered across
The ground
Sun shining bright melting snow
the vision of summer
The puddles spotted across the field                     9th grade

35. The wind blows
It is very cold
I am shivering
The trees shake and move to the wind
I wish it was warmer                     5th grade

36. Trees shaking
Wind blows the people are cold
Sun out to warm us
My paper shakes with fear                     5th grade

37. Gray and fluffy
Almost in a ball shaped
Flows out of a pipe and into the air
no come back
Disappears into the sky and finally gone                     5th grade

38. The brightness hid.
Then the wind blew.
Wait. It stopped.
Then, the sun went down too.                     5th grade

39. Chopping the trees.
They’re falling down.
The trees are gone,
But there’s still trees.                     5th grade

40. It’s me alone on my bench
Watching the snow melting away
The sun is shining and wind is blowing.                     5th grade

41. The cold comes sinking in
Until you’re freezing cold.
Then a drop of sunlight shows
And finally nothing.                     5th grade

42. The cloud

The clouds are drifting through the sky
One cloud looked like a duck/elephant
It had a beak, big ears , and a tail
It was cute                      5th grade

43. Broken

Once tall and free
Where have you been
The cold nights and the breeze
Gone                      5th grade

44. Trees moving side to side
The wind is fierce
Cold winds make people shake                     5th grade

45. The dark sky

It is so dark it darkens the soul
Maybe good maybe bad
With the wind adding a cold chill
The cold wind
Blowing my pants                      5th grade

46. Mu – Wood

Light from the edge of the woods floods in
Further in, darkness takes over
The moisture from the moss comes in
Surrounding everything                      9th grade

47. Wang – Yearning

The pull of affection belonging to two hearts
Straining to one another to live
Waiting for that one moment to be
with that one heart
Still waiting for that one heart to come
is shriveling that one heart                     9th grade

48. Long – Dragon

Eyes through the night
His breath on my neck
His kingdom is the sky
A swish of his tail, he is gone.                     3rd grade

49. Lin – Woods

Trees here and there
Row and row of trees
Tall tall trees
You lose yourself                     3rd grade

50. Ming – Brightness

Brightness shines
Like the sun it slides
On a rainbow and
Falls Slowly.                     3rd grade

51. Shan – Mountain

The bottom is green and lush
Near the top is a brown and dead
The snow covered top is gray and dull
The mountain is still but full of life                     3rd grade

52. Yue – Moon

The moon
Is in the sky
Full moon half moon
Milk moon a bowl moon                      3rd grade

53. Ri – Sun

Pushes through the clouds
Like a tiger pushing back a curtain
of leaves, giving warmth, light to
The earthy, golden, shining plain.                      3rd grade

54. Feng – Wind

Blowing across the sky cool fresh
Blowing the leaves on the trees
They sway
I watch them                     3rd grade

55. She – Snake

Sneaking up to it’s prey
SNAKE                     3rd grade

56. East – Dawn

A light peers above the trees
A flock of birds divide the sun
The deer sleepily cuddles its young
The sun rises in the East
And Dawn awakes.                                          10th grade

57. Mountain

Thrusting out into the sky
It towers above the town
In it’s majesty.                                         10th grade

58. Forest

The trees conceal what is within
For it is a mystery
Darkness descends even at noon
But we are not afraid.                                    10th grade

59. River

The river is but a small stepping stone
One that rushes with great speed
To the great pagoda of the sea.                 10th grade

60. Field

My grandfather found this field
He turned it into workable land
My father worked on this field
He built a house upon it
I live in the house
And gaze at the field.                    10th grade

61. Dusk

The raven crows
So melancholy
I go to him
And say,
“Tomorrow will be just as bright as today”                 10th grade

62. Ask

What is a poem?
It has no boundaries
What if I was a poem?
Would I be able to fly?                        10th grade

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