This project, funded by a Community Arts Grant from Vermont Community Foundation, has a goal to publish a bilingual Chinese character art book composed of student work coming from Windham Southwest and Southeast Supervisory Unions (in southeastern Vermont) presenting student art of Chinese characters together with student poetry with translation into Chinese. Students will adorn printed Chinese characters and/or produce their own writing samples of Chinese characters through artwork choosing from among a variety of art forms such as ink-and-brush calligraphy, Chinese paper-cut technique, collage, paint, mixed media (such as with fabric and yarn) and more. Student poetry and other forms of creative writing are in response to the Chinese word art making. Student work, reviewed by a steering committee composed of students, teachers, parents, and supportive community members, will be posted to online venues. Committee-selected work will be included in a local gallery exhibition and in a print-on-demand publication. Project Coordinator and Grant Administrator is District Chinese Teacher Cai Xi Silver.